I have a FarmI am Expanding My Farm / Doing Construction on My FarmI Use Manure in My OperationsI Have an Issue on My Farm

I have a Farm

Do you currently own or operate an Ohio livestock or poultry farm?

Whether you recently purchased your first farm operation or are a seasoned farmowner, below are a few tips to consider – from getting to know your farm better to knowing who the right person to call is in the event of an issue on the farm.

Get to know your farm better by determining the depth to groundwater and sampling well water. The better you know your farm, the better you can help protect the waterways and streams near your farm.

Get to Know Your Farm's Water quality

Understand the state and federal regulations that you need to abide by depending on the size of your farm.

Learn About What You Must Do

Maximize the value of manure by developing a manure nutrient management plan.

Developing a Manure Nutrient Management Plan

Identify the sources of odor and dust on your farms to decrease concern from your neighbors.

Understanding Air Quality and Odor

Minimize insects and rodents on your farm by developing and implementing an Insect and Rodent Control Plan.

Pest Control

Consider improvements for current facilities, such as appearance of the operation and maintenance.

Consideration for Improving Current Facilities

Know who to contact in the event an emergency arises on the farm.

Who to Call

Ohio Livestock Coalition  •  2800 Corporate Exchange Dr., Suite 260  •  Columbus, OH 43231